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blah // morning thoughts

tired... man, no matter how tired I am when I go to sleep, and no matter how much I sleep, I still wake up and remain *tired* all fscking day long. I think in the last few months I've only felt well-rested mayhaps twice. And those were after sleeping for like 12 or 16 hours (and even then I was ready for more sleep after being up for 6 hours).. I know so many people who stay up late and get up early, I can't fathom how they can go through life with so little sleep. just 6 hours?? shit, I'm half-dead if I get that little sleep in a night. 'Course, I'm damn near half-dead even when I get 10 hours, so it's not like there's a huge differance. I've gone some days only getting 4 hours sleep the previous night and felt the same as when I get 8. I don't know, I'm just allways so bloody tired.. gah..

And it doesn't help that there's so much to be done. I did a bit of photo work with a lovely and wonderful young lady (who is not LJ-enabled, to my knowledge -- tiggrrl could possibly correct me on this one) on Wednesday, have to get those pictures filtered and edited and back to her soon. hopefully get them downloaded today so I can get started and maybe spend an hour or two this weekend cranking them out.. sometimes not having a computer at home can be a real bitch, ya know? I do want to get these back to her quickly, though. There was talk of working with her further should these turn out good enough for her purposes, which would be nice.

have to get back to and finish up my own fscking website. I was doing well for a bit there, typing up some code and sketching out some designs. That kinda came to a halt due to lack of interest. See, that's why I never bothered to learn web coding. it's just nothing but UI, and UI bores the living daylights out of me. you know when someone who's perpetually tired gets *really* bored? Yup, UI coding is one of the few proven sleep-aids I've come across in my life. Even when I was doing serious programming on a daily basis, my programs never went beyond text-prompt UIs. I've allways been more interested in the algorythms being used 'behind the scenes' and how to force the most production out of the machine. I don't care how ugly it may look, long as it worked slicker than a greased pig.

ugh, work.. yeah, there's some of that to do today also. gotta rip off about 10 ISOs for various people today. easy shit, but boring. Happilly I can just have that running in the background while I do the photo work.. Fridays tend to be pretty slow 'round here so far, so I that'll be nice.. I've got my "Friday is loud shirt day" attire on. Went for my favoritest shirt of all this week! It's my button-down purple-tie-dye shirt! we'll see if I still have a job on monday, I'll keep ya posted. :)

Must admit, sometimes you're in a spot and you notice that everything fits together so well. This morning had one of those moments. Standing there waiting for the bus, eating my apple (in my usuall method, which is itself enough to garner a few odd glances). Wearing this shirt that is so gloriously loud it's probably banned in some states and would make the 'queer eye' guys cry in pain, and as people drive by looking at me in that "what the fuck is wrong with that kid" kind of way, I'm bopping along listening to "Geek School" by TKT.. just so perfect to have these straight-laced middle-class fucks driving by looking at me while I'm humming along to "why try to look beautiful, follow your stoopid rules, I find them so damn cruel....".

"I don't need to fit in." yup, pretty much.

still fighting with data consolidation. haven't gotten my email archives imported yet, for some reason Eudora hjorked on it so I'm back to square-one. That, and Outlook is being a whiney little bitch and not letting me re-direct where it tries importing *from*, so it keeps saying "can't find mailbox data" whenever I try to import and I'm stuck yelling at it "of course, you stoopid asshat, it's in a non-standard location!".. gah.. On the plus side, my data usage is down to 123GB.. I found a few tarballs of my /home partition from different times in a backup directory I copied over, so I killed all but the most recent. don't really need that anymore, either, but I'm hanging on to one just incase I do something stoopid in a M$-induced fit of insanity.

b13r&ch33s today, that'll be nice.. Havn't hung with macklinr in a while, so it'll be nice to sit and chat and maybe push some pieces around the board a bit. Sunday is looking to include a threesome with mslulu and duncan_blkthrne at some place I've never been to. Allways an adventure to try out some new eats. I'm just glad to actually have some plans for the weekend beyond just moping about -- should be a nice change. :)

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