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curse you, alphabet!!! // random note - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 13.Sep.2004

9:20 - curse you, alphabet!!! // random note

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yuck ick stop yuckyuckyuck!!!

Warning to other mp3 users: just telling it to start at the beginning of the album "Black Celebration" and go on from there is all nice and good . . .

Till the next album starts. What comes next, of course: "Blood Sugar Sex Magic".

GAH! Both are fine albums, yes. Both have their specific mental moods they work with and times when they are appropriate. Back-to-back, however (particularly from Depeche Mode to RHCP), the shock is enough to make me physically convulse.

ewww... I'm still twitching.. I need something to settle my nerves.. Siouxsie, or TMBG, or something....