Lograh (lograh) wrote,

data will expand to fill the volume it is stored on // quickie

no, I'm not actually doing work.. I stayed late to work on consolidating my data.. I'm moving all the stuff from me two previous machines to this one. I'm also reviewing 6q's mixset he has on his site, nice stuff if a little rough at some points.

I just checked the volume stats for my current storage space: 184GB used.

This is particularly interesting, since the old HDDs were both 80GB in size. combine this with the 40GB from the iPod that I'm also merging in, and you're at a *maximum* storage capacity of 200GB. I didn't copy over the system areas, or programs, but strictly my home directories from the 80s, one of which I know was no more than 15GB (since that's how big the /home partition was on that machine).

I'm sensing there is a high probability I am experiancing some data duplication.

I honestly have no idea what is taking up all this space.. well, no idea beyond iTunes telling me the music library is 28GB. that still leaves quite a bit of space unaccounted for.

in related news, I still haven't managed to get Outlook to import the mbox archive of all my old email. frelling M$ can't even read a long-established internet standard format.. :(

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