Lograh (lograh) wrote,

comming soon to a LJ near you... // meta

I want to post about a number of things. There's a particular post brewing in my head, but it's not quite done yet (add more garlic and let simmer...) I want to complain about the joys of trying to do data collection and organization from three systems to one (three different OSes, no less). I want to do a new-job-update.. I want to post about moving people, and thougts on children.. I want to post an idea for celebration when I finally make the last payment on this bloody debt (I'm thinking we all go out for dinner theatre, but still considering options).

But I just got done carrying a mini-fridge across the frickin' campus in this blasted sun and the AC in my office is off (they turn it off during weekends to conserve energy, I'm guessing) so this place is a flippin' oven!

I will say, though, that for those of you used to looking for my hat to find me can now start looking for a new hat. Yes, it's still a dark brown fedora (I am *such* a creature of habit), but it's a new one instead of the faded-wilted one. And a new ribbon on it (blueish purple), which is another post I wanted to make..

damn, there's much I need to type up..

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