Lograh (lograh) wrote,

STOP!!! move *away* from the email!! // pointless bitching

why, oh why do I even bother running M$ software anymore? Why? Haven't I learned my lesson *yet*?!

So, yeah, the new job told me they're an Outlook shop. I got them to agree to letting me run Evolution, provided it functions with the exchange server nice (I've done it before so I know it'll work (I even paid for the damn connector back before it was free!)). The annoying point is, I still have to install SuSE (my preferred distro, when the installer works (that's another rant entirely)) on the desktop and get it up and running. Till then, I'm stuck in M$-land.

So, the point of all this: The new Outlook has this little "feature" where it'll pop-up a little informational message in the lower-right of the screen whenever a new email arrives. It gives you the sender, subject, and the first few words of the message. Nice enough, when you only get a handfull of emails a day. This acursed thing has been interrupting my work left and right all morning, though! I'm sure there's a setting for it *somewhere*, but who the frell thought this is a good thing and why must it be on by default?!

And that's another thing. Why do software designers feel compelled to have all the fancy new features of their latest versions turned 'on' by default? We liked the old version because it worked the way it did, we bought the new version because we liked the old version so much, why go and change it all on us without asking? I say make the default configuration mimic the old version as much as possible, or at the very least have a config dialogue at program start-up that asks the user "would you like to use the new or old feature set"? Don't ever force the user to learn anything new if it's not absolutely possible. That is one thing that made Mac computers so wonderful up through OS9 -- zero learning curve to start using the new version.

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