Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I'm in the wrong line of work // school finances

Damn, I need to write a textbook. I swear, there are no books on the planet more overpriced than school textbooks! I just picked up one yesterday for the class I'm taking. It's about 150 pages (200 at the most), and is no more than 8x6 inches in size. So yeah, it's a rather small and light book.

You won't belive how much this damn thing was. The girl at the bookstore checkout thought it rung up wrong when she saw the price on the register screen. This is someone who is ringing up those overpriced textbooks all day long and this one was so obscenly overpriced it made her eyes get big and she had to pause to double-check the inventory number when it scanned in.

I had my roomates both try and guess the price. They started around $60. then $75. I kept saying "higher" through about 5 numbers before they finally got to this thing's hefty umpteen-thousand-percent-markup price.


I shit you not. technically only about $132 (or something like that) before tax, but after tax it was within a buck of $150. damn. I pick up SF novels that are double the size of this beast for one-tenth the price! there's something seriously wrong here.

On the plus side, I got home to see a distant cousin of it sitting on the shelf. I'm going to bring the one I allready have in monday and compare editions, if it's the same version, then I'll happilly be returning the one I got yesterday to the bookstore tomorrow night.

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