Lograh (lograh) wrote,

office politics at it's finest // musing

So, I went to HR today to inquire about why I haven't been sent the job offer letter yet or somesuch. She said she called on the 20th and left a message for me to go over there and sign it. When I asked further, she said which number she left the message at and it suddenly became clear to me why I never got the message. That number is our communal 'shop number' where we all check it for messages and take appropriate action on them (transcribing and emailing the message to the appropriate person if it's personal (as happenes often enough since half of them don't have voicemail of their own)). Someone probably picked up the message and decided it wasn't important for me to know the job offer is waiting and just deleted it without letting me know. An interesting thing to note (and probably entirely irrelevant, but still amusing) is that my current boss is the one who checks those messages the most (often when it's not even his shift, he'll check just to see if there are any that the other people are not picking up (he likes to play cop and point out when other people mess up)). hrmmmmmm.. No matter what actually happened, it's still bothersome.

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