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and now, for my next trick // job

so, now I get to collect/type/print documentation for my major job duties here. Enough has changed on the servers that the old docs are no good anymore, so I'll just type up new ones. Luckilly, my target audience is my peers, my supervisor and replacement, so I don't need to bother going into painful detail about the reinstall procedures for Win2k. Just basics about what services need to be running and what order to stop/start them (shite program doesn't register the dependancies properly and it'll hang if you don't start them in the right order), files they access, how to fix known problems that are going to happen every semester, contact info, etc...

by the end of next week I need to have 7 or 9 machines merged into a new (to them) M$ domain, user data migrated properly on them, and a 40-station lab set-up and running. I'll have to leave their "here's how to use the outlook calendar" training to someone else. Only one replacement install left to do, so it should be finished (hopefully) today (depending on how scattered her data is on the old machine, of course -- it can take forever to track their documents down sometimes).. For some reason I forsee myself working the following two weekends.

Going to call the HR people today and see about that official offer they were going to send me. haven't got it yet and I'm supposed to start Monday following next week. much though I procrastinate, I still like to have things done early -- particuarly where it's my livelihood that's concerned. Then again, I just accepted this 4 days ago and they said they'd probably be printing out the letter to mail tuesday, and our wonderful mail service being what it is I can see it taking till tomorrow to get to me.. Gah, I suppose I'll wait till after the weekend to call them.

We had a college-wide staff meeting yesterday (terminology note: there are many "colleges" at this "university", I work for one of them), it's an annual thing they do, where it was officially announced that I'd be moving elsewhere. First time a few of the people had heard of it. There was a general concensus of "why are you going? you can't leave us!" (nice to be liked by my users), followed shortly by "are you getting a raise?". When I told them just how much a raise (something in the 22% range) they usually shifted instantly to "good luck, and be sure to stay in touch." It was flat-out comical how quickly they shifted. It's tough leaving behind such a great group of users. I've never had to directly support (as in, I'm the first person they call) so large a number of users before (something like 125+, 175+ machines), and having them all be so nice and friendly and kind made it a great experiance. But, as with all things in life, it had to eventually come to an end and hopefully this will prove to be a good opportunity for me to move somewhere.

Change is good. I have to keep reminding myself of that. Familliar though I have grown with these halls, and as fond as I am with all my users (even the problem users aren't *that* bad), this change should be good for me.

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