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damn, Naku is cute!

lady talking on a cell this morning at the bus stop, when she got done she turned to me and said, as though I had been paying any attention or even cared, "I just love one-sided monologues". My thought (I've gotten really good about not using my outside voice) was "yeah, 'cause loosing a two-sided monologue is just pathetic". This woman has allready earned herself the 'bitch' label, now she's got 'idiot' pretty much wrapped up also.

one and a half weeks left, still haven't told my sup' about it. Not sure how, but I do know that I want to have someone else around just incase he flys off the hook. My fear is not just paranoia, and is grounded in very real past occurances. I really should tell him today, though, before someone else does (rumours fly fast around this college).

Dip this sunday. should be fun. I'll be spending saturday clearing anything personal out of my office and getting refreshments from the store for the game sunday. Full weekend.

and this bloody frelling phone won't stop ringing. GAH!

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