Lograh (lograh) wrote,

OSX != UNIX!!!! // techie work bitching

Okay, Apple, I gave you a chance. I tried working with you, I tried believing in you, but there are limits to my ability to believe what I see isn't true.

Contrary to all the marketing spin Apple is doing promoting "OSX = UNIX", I must argue the contrary. Simply having a BSD subsystem and being based on BSD does not make you a UNIX system. WindowsNT was based on VMS, you don't see M$ being stupid enough to go around flaunting that (well, not any more). Being based on something does not give you the right to claim to *be* that thing.

cloning disks in Unix is never as difficult as it is being today with OSX. I've had over 15 attempts so far this morning, only two of them actually took and were bootable. shit, even Windows has a better success rate than that.

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