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business as usual // work bitching - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 11.Aug.2004

8:29 - business as usual // work bitching

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grrrr.. so, someone wants to set up a laptop lab. wireless connectivity, internet access, printers on a central server, the works.

problem is, they've allready purchased the equipment they want to do it with. Further, the networking folk have some of the most innane policies you've ever seen regarding what gets put on the network (they've been known to actually steel private property if it's on the network and they don't approve of it -- and the campus president supports them).

So here I sit, trying to figure out the best way to take this equipment and make it do something that it's not particuarly designed for, and also without breaking any regulations (or, at the very least, cloaking it well enough that no one will ever know the regulations are being broken). All this, when they could have just purchased some slightly different equipment and had it all working just fine.

oh yeah, did I mention they need it working by Thursday? :)


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Date:10:45 11.Aug.2004 (UTC)
at least they just altered the timeline slightly. Long-term solution doesn't have to be in place for 3 weeks, but they need a quick-fix ready by 14:30 today. :)
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