Lograh (lograh) wrote,

GAH! // geeky bitching

Damn, Micro$haft, wouldn't it have been better to just not have released WinXP in the first place?!

I just got done installing Service Pack 2 on an XP text box, and the bloody thing is over 250MB in size!!! holy shit, add that to the size for SP1 and all the minor fixes they've released and I've probably installed more total data in patches than XP initially takes up!

Seriously, at which point do you look at the ammount of data in the initial release compared to the ammount of data in "critical" patches and decide the whole thing was a drastic failure and they may as well give up while they're behind because it aint getting any prettier?

I just wanna know how they plan on getting all this to people who are stuck on dial-up. yikes.

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