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bleh // life update

So, yeah, I'm damn tired today. I don't know why, exactly (well, other than not getting enough sleep the last few nights), but I've been more tired than I usually am all day today. gah!

I actually got up to my alarm this morning (as opposed to the usuall routine of turning it off and promptly going back to sleep for another half-hour), got ready reasonably quickly and headed out to the bus stop well in time to catch it. For some reason it didn't run this morning (well, that specific one didn't) so I wound up being late to work again. Damn.. first I'm late a few days because I'm still not used to the time to get here from the new place, today I was late from the blasted bus, and tomorrow I get to be late because of a dental appt.! Whee!!! It's a damn good thing I'm staying late and actually putting in over 40 hours total this week, being late doesn't really bother anyone here as long as I get the job done.

Oh yeah, did I mention, we moved last weekend? Well, mostly, that is. There are still some small things at the old place, but we're moving them throughout the week. Hopefully we'll be fully in the new place by the end of this weekend, and then I get to find bookshelves and unpack the boxes upon boxes of shite lining my walls. I've got so many friggin' boxes, it's a damn good thing I don't have a bed taking up space or there'd be no room to walk in my room!

I was lent _Gigantic_ the other day, finally got around to watching it last night (the joys of a DVD player in der 'Book). It's a great little piece about TMBG. I must get a copy now. Perhaps I'll head over to amazon soon.

Hopefully our old landlord will be cool about the deposit. We had to pay an ungodly large deposit when we moved into the old place (illegally large, in fact, but we didn't feel it was worth bitching over), and we've kept it mostly cleen as we lived there. This weekend will be one big scrub-fest at the old place, and we should get damn near all of the deposit back. This will be nice, as I can put my share all towards credit bills, and then I should be just one more payment away from being debt-free!! WOOT!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone!!!

The interview went well, I thought, and I should be finding out in about 3 weeks or so if I get offered the job or not. I still don't know if I want it, but the more I talk about it to people around here, the more I'm leaning in favor of accepting it (if I'm even offered it, of course). I've had so many conversations this past week or two that have included something like "this is entirely confidential, don't tell anyone I said this" it's just disgusting. I've decided that it's easier to simply pretend like I've not talked to anyone about anything, rather than try to remember what I can or cannot tell people.. GAH!

My shoulder hurts. I carried a heavy-ass bucket full of kawphy supplies from the old place to the new, and it would seem I used my left arm a bit too much for that 'cause it's now complaining rather loudly. damn.

I am so non-motivated for work right now.

I notice I have another person or two reading this? welcome! I can't promise it'll be at all entertaining, but you're more than welcome to hang around.

Have I ever mentioned just how much I hate microsoft? So, a while back the worms went flying through campus and M$ was rather public about "well, if the computer had auto-update turned on it would have been protected against this weeks ago", as though it's not their fault they make shitty software in the first place. So we've gone through and turned on auto-updateing on all the WinXP systems, and then I get this email forwarded to me that's from M$ saying "SP2 is being released wednesday and will be in the auto-update section by thursday, we recommend turning off auto-update on your computers so that it doesn't get downloaded". fuckers.

speaking of hating software companies... Just got done fighting with some HP scanning software. We set up a computer as a "scanning station" for one of the departments, so their student assistant can spend the next few weeks scanning in all their old documents and burning them to CD. Well, the software required WinXP (bitches) so that in itself was a bad thing. I figured, though, it gives me the ability to better lock it down so the student account can't install software. Sure, so I set that up and discover that the scanning software won't run from the student account if the admin account installed it. damn. But the student account was limited and not allowed to install software, so it can't install the scanning software! so, I elevate it to install privs, install the software, and then lower it back down to non-install-privs. the scanning software runs now, but only some parts of it! It should be good enough for what they want to do, but it still sucks knowing that the damn scanning software requires the account to be an administrator to run properly. BAD HP! No Doughnut! bitches.

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