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jus' stuff. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 28.May.2002

9:38 - jus' stuff.

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So, I finally downloaded and am trying out Mozilla. not too bad so far.

Drunken Chess was fun. I enjoyed it muchly. Am considering proposing a change, though, that the beginning of each game have a minimum BAC requirement, rather than a drinks-per-game requirement. That way it would be more even for the lightweights vs. the heavyweights. I'd have to pick up one of those personal breathalizer thingies, but I've been considering getting one anyway, they are cheap enough and entertaining enough at parties.
I'll have the pics up as soon as my computer decides to stop bitching about them. I tried turning off the read-only flags on them as a group, but XP doesn't seem to handle that idea too well.

Got a new book, a compilation of SF stories. Am looking forward to reading them, but haven't the time to read a lot at once, unfortunately.

Macklinr: you have a chance to read that book I loaned you yet? I thought it might be something you are looking for right now.

State tax return FINALLY arrived. damn, I swear I'm the last person in the state to get it. The timing is rather opportune, though, as I am running a hair tight right now. Good thing I get paid in a week (or less) and the moving deposit won't be needed before then, as we haven't even found a place yet.

Mahdi: did the CD work for you? is it what you wanted?

I just realized I can feel the ink on this keyboard. damn that stuff is laid on there thick! I can actually make out a few (very few) of the letters by touch from the shape of the ink. wow.

I'm rambling, but oh well. I should probably go reboot right now so I can get back on those pictures.


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Date:11:52 28.May.2002 (UTC)
Even after you ran the updaters I included it still didn't work?

damn. sorry about that. I'll go see if there was anything I might have missed.
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