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hrm.. // random thought - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 24.Jul.2004

19:55 - hrm.. // random thought

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I only have one interest listed that is unique to me. Oddly enough, it's one of the more important defining factors to my lifestyle/being.

Do y'all find the same for you? The interests you feel more closely tied to your being are the ones that are either unique to you or are shared by very few other people?

Just random musing here.


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Date:20:39 24.Jul.2004 (UTC)
Interesting. Mine is flossing every night.
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Date:21:39 24.Jul.2004 (UTC)
you're interested in flossing every night?

Not usually something I would consider as being an interest. If it's a part of my life at all (which, admittedly, it usually isn't) it's just something I do, but not something I find particularly interesting.
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Date:22:06 24.Jul.2004 (UTC)
My interests are very general, though my interest "anhedonia" was more common than I thought it would be. The only interest I have not shared by others is "c's get degrees" which serves to remind me there is more to life than a perfect GPA, which is a serious obsession of mine.
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Date:17:31 09.Aug.2004 (UTC)

I know this one, in the meat-world

I'm dominantly interested in the worlds I build, so even though I could generally say I share in common with others the interest of "worldbuilding" in general, none of us could say we all build the *same* worlds.
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