Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I hate this part // musings

Typed up the resume' and am finishing up the application. The HR office is closed now for the day, so I'll have to drop it off tomorrow. No worries, though, I'll get it in on time.

I hate this part, though. The trying-to-sell-myself part. I mean, I don't want to list *all* my skills in computers (I doubt they care overly much that I'm a master with MS-DOS, or that I was able to write the most condensed code in my 8086 assembly class) but I don't want to list so few that it looks like I don't know anything. Simply saying "if it runs on an IBM clone, I can use it" sounds overly egotistical (and is also not entirely accurate, as my Emacs skills are notably non-existant) and saying "Expert with Internet Explorer" just sounds dumb.

Oh well. I tossed the major names in there, a few secondary ones to show a bit more knowledge, and made sure that I hit all the buzzwords they listed in the job request (with one exception because I honestly have no experiance with it). I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I even made sure to remove all the 1337 speak that crept in! :)
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