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do I have "ATM" tattooed on my forehead?! // bitching

I must look like the biggest damn sucker on the face of the planet or something.

Yesterday I stopped off at the quickemart for an It's It on the way home (I have a weakness for sweets, as many of you allready know). A youth was ahead of me in line, and got a pack of cigarretts (actually, those mini-Cigars that are so popular these days) and went on his way. Outside, in the parking lot, I saw him and his friends smoking and as I passed they asked me for some spare change. When I said no, they asked if they could have some of my ice cream instead! WTF? I just saw you spend money on tobacco, and you expect me to give you more money or share my ice cream with you!?

Just now, a young lady stopped me in the halls and asked if I had change for a five. I got my wallet out to check, and exhibited that I only had one dollar left. She expressed an "oh well, I'll go ask the next person" kind of sigh, then asked me if she could have the one dollar I had left! WTF?! It's my last dollar, and you want it? This goes beyond asking for spare change, now you're asking for bills (sure, you can't get much for a dollar (other than a long distance call) but still) -- and the last of the money I have on me, at that!

This type of shit is happening more and more these days. Random people who are obviously not hurting for cash will ask me for all sorts of money just walking around on the street. What has happened to the societal values that makes them think it's perfectly fine to ask any random person for money? Even asking for spare change is, in my opinion, not acceptable, but to go about asking for bills is just obscene!

Note, I will give spare change to regular homeles (those you see wandering the streets day after day and it's clear they are genuinely homeless) without them even really having to ask. I'll give bills to street performers (they are providing a service, playing music or whatever) and I've been known to give $10 to a guy for windexing the windows on the car I was driving while it was parked outside a store (again, providing a service).

What I fail to see, though, is how this has somehow caused some folk these days to think it's okay for them to ask for money even when they don't need it or have any immediate plans for it.

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