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"Application for staff employment" // life

so, yeah, I've decided I'll apply. filling the app out now. Was speaking to a co-worker of mine today, and he's decided he'll turn one in for it also. I guess we'll be compeating for the position. Should be interesting to see who they call first. He isn't even sure he wants the position. It'll be a nice challenge. In a way, I don't really mind. He and I get along rather well, and I'm sure we'll still get along well regardless who gets it. I mean, sure it would have been nice to have not had any competition for it, but oh well.

Oh, sure, there are other people on campus that will likely apply for it also, but I doubt they'll present any real competition. The co-worker who is also applying feels the same way. We don't know of anyone else on campus who could give us cause for concern who might actually try for this position (we actually sat there thinking of various other people on campus and if they'd try for it or not)

Wish me luck! Unfortunately, the hiring process is so slow here I won't know for two months or so if I get the job. I just hope I don't suffer any ill results from keeping my fingers crossed that long! :)

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