Lograh (lograh) wrote,

we pay them for this? // remark

so, during the vacation there was cable in the house, so we were cruising around the channels (not many, only about 25 total -- musta been some uber-limited plan) and came across a live brodcast of the US house of representatives on C-span. Being somewhat interested in the governing body of the US, I stopped and watched for a bit.

There seemed to be some confusion about what one of the representatives was saying. He was babbling on about something or another, and the speaker kept asking him "so you mean..." over and over, trying something different each time and the representative would respond with "no, I mean...".. it went about three times, and seemed to involve the representative's response to something another representative had said.

Turns out that he wasn't responding to anything! He simply wanted to object to something the other representative was *going* to say, but he wanted to wait till the other representative said it so he could then object to it!

I shit you not. He stood up, and interrupted the other representative to say that he wished to file an objection to something the other representative had not even said yet, but he wished to allow the other representative to say it so that he could then file the objection to it.

I kept chuckling all day over that one. Comedy Central doesn't even get this funny. I'm watching C-span more often from now on!
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