Lograh (lograh) wrote,

anyone need a futon frame? // question

we're moving in a month or two, and I'm looking to not move the futon frame I currently have. the futon mattress itself is pretty shite, so that'll just be tossed (unless someone is *really* eager to get his/her hands on a crap futon -- complete with coffee spills!). The frame, however, is in relatively decent condition and works just fine. It's a reasonable size (I dunno what bed sizes are), not a queen size (comparing to my roomate's bed) but not *much* smaller -- I can measure it if someone's actually interested. It folds to couch position and back to bed position very easilly, and I seem to remember it being able to fold completely up into a rectangular shape without need for removal of any bolts or anything (makes for easy storage/transport) -- this point can be verified upon request.

My reason for getting rid of it: I don't use it anymore. I sleep on the floor and it isn't *quite* the angle I like in a couch, so I really have no place for it in my life any longer.

Free to a good home. Or a bad home, for that matter -- I'm not picky. It's either this or the trash for the poor thing.

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