Lograh (lograh) wrote,

sweet whorish mother of god // vacation update

Yesterday, we biked for a few miles down Trukee river. that was fun, and it somehow managed to seem like it was downhill in both directions!

today,dad and sis went rafting down same while I biked along a portion of the Tahoe Rim Trail. I only covered about 10 miles, but there were a few hundred feet of vertical included in that ride, and with the thin air up here, it all made for one fantastic ride! I'm so bloody tired now, gah!!

Off to go eat a sandwich and pay bills.. I've really become quite a fan of this cafe. Good drinks, friendly staff, and free net access.. what more could a guy want? oh, yeah, good tunez on the house speakers, too. :)

Also, my friends page scrolls about one and a half times a day. There's no frelling way I'm going to be scrolling back through all that, so if anyone wants to get my attention, alert me to it in comments.

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