Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I really do love this job sometimes // life note

Yesterday I got a really wierd look from someone.

There I was in the bathroom, minding my own business, when some guy walks in and gives me the weirdest look as he walked past to the urinals. In all fairness, I wasn't performing an action you'd usually expect to see in a public bathroom (or anywhere else, for that matter).

I was washing a keyboard.

One of my users had spilled some soda/coffee on his laptop's keyboard and it was totally hosed, so I had disassembled the laptop sufficiently to remove the keyboard, and was running some hot water over it in the sink of the bathroom. clicking the keys under the water and using minor ammounts of soap, and basically just washing it. Not a common sight, I'll agree.

Now, tell me, how many jobs give you an opportunity to truly weird out the norms by standing around in a public restroom using the sink to wash a latop keyboard? It was great, seeing him walk past and almost, but not quite, ignore me, and then as he turns his head to get a better look at what, from the corner of his vision didn't seem *quite* right. And then the look on his face as he realises just what it is that I'm doing. hehe.. People get so caught up in the "don't get electronics wet" rule that they really do have trouble processing when someone seems to be breaking it.

I just love freaking out the normals. I'm happy it's so easy to do. :)

note: the keyboard isn't fully functional yet, but the washing did seem to have a positive effect -- I'll be trying a different solvent later today.

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