Lograh (lograh) wrote,

Here is a neet article in The Register about a cryptographer who has found a nice cheap and (relatively) easy way to fool most fingerprint security systems out there.

Short version: He uses a glass (or similare surface) that has been treated with super-gule fumes and has been subsequently touched by someone the fingerprint device knows, then he takes a picture of the fingerprint left on the glass with a digital camera, then he imports the picture into photoshop to enhance the contrast, then he prints the fingerprint to transparency paper, then he uses the transparency and a photo-sensitive printed circut board (you can pick one up at most electronics hobby stores) to etch the fingerprint into the copper on the PCB, then he takes gelatin (as in, the stuff inside gummy-worms) and mashes the fingerprint from the pcb into a fake "finger" made of the gelatin.
This resulting finger can fool up to 80% of the fingerprint devices out there.

Kinda makes you re-think the whole fingerprint security market.

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