Lograh (lograh) wrote,

decisions, decisions... // random life

trash film orgy starts tonight. 11:30 at the crest.. I get to decide if I want to go and risk having to walk home, or if I'll sit it out. perhaps a nap beforehand might be in order as well. :)

work is presenting me with a very interesting proposition.. must give it some serious contemplation, and perhaps talk it over with the sticks for a bit..

I've been thinking about my life, and my direction, and I'm not entirely sure about some aspects of it. On the whole, it's doing well enough -- but there are some details that don't quite fit.

Must remember to fill out passport paperwork next week and get that ball rolling again.

I'm tossing around an idea in my head, and I'm not sure it will be well-received by those around me. I hate working under deadlines. :(

edit: sleep has gotten the better of me, TFO will have to do without me tonight. My blankets are calling me with their sweet, seductive siren's song. my 'bed' awaits.

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