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Yes. 100%, yes. // linkage - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 22.Jun.2004

15:27 - Yes. 100%, yes. // linkage

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go read this. It's Cory Doctorow talking about why DRM is bad. I agree fully with every point he makes (except the last one wherein he posits that M$ should put out a good product -- I figure, why break their track record of producing crap?).

Perhaps someone else linked to it elsewhere, I can't recall seeing such, though. I just saw the link on Lessig's blog.

And, incase you're afraid of techiestuff, this article is very approchable. It doesn't rely on any prior techie knowledge.


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Date:16:20 22.Jun.2004 (UTC)

A lot to chew on.

I think there's a lot of truth in this paper or speech or whatever it is. I find myself being quite ambivalent about copyright law. On the one hand, I do think that we've swung way too far towards protecting large companies and that the artists don't get as much benefit as they should. By the same token, I am a consumer who doesn't want anything to come between me and my music, literature whatever. On the third hand, I want artists to be paid for their work in a fair manner, not just because I happen to know artists as friends, but because I want the largest possible selection of art, music and literature to be available to me. These three viewpoints all smash together into a jumble of conflicting desires and I freely admit to not having figured out where I stand. Anything that makes independent production more viable is good. Anything that makes the market more monolithic and oligarchical is bad. More than that I don't know.
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