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Friday, 18.Jun.2004

10:12 - // daily life

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sitting on the pavement, leaning against a pole
watching two kids playing with a 'flying saucer' thing (you've seen 'em in the malls)
their mother worying it will get caught in a tree
their father smiling
four dogs running through their midst playing as dogs are want to do
my hands covered in pale dust, still smelling of patience
measured contemplation
relaxed effort
a volleyball game on the other side of the park
sunlight streaming down on me through the trees
a gusty breeze cooling everything slightly just when the sun makes it warm
sitting, relaxing, idle thoughts on nothing

So, yesterday I officially learned to play Bocce Ball. There's this league that meets right outside where we do Uechi Ryu, and as I had two hours before anyone else showed up I decided to watch some of the earlier Bocce arrivals play a game. Afterwords one of them took the time to teach me to play and we had a little game. It was fun. Oddly relaxing while at the same time being mildly taxing on my forearms. Watching them, and then playing with one of them, I couldn't help but become infused with that practiced patience that you see so often in them. That slow measured movement. I'm thinking of making this a regular part of my Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just tossing the balls around for an hour or so before workout. They are nice people, and it's a very fun game.


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Date:11:15 18.Jun.2004 (UTC)
my hands covered in pale dust, still smelling of patience

I love that line. It reminds me of Death.
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Date:11:28 18.Jun.2004 (UTC)
thanks.. though that's kind of odd seeing as it was Bocce Ball dust..

I wonder if there's some supernatural connection between Bocce Ball and Death?
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Date:2:11 20.Jun.2004 (UTC)

Though, it could be as something as simple as braining an unsuspecting player to death with one of those heavy, little balls.
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