Lograh (lograh) wrote,

wow // techie raving

In discussing some of the searching capabilities of Gmail, I began to wonder exactly what searching capabilities my email client offered.

They freakin' KICK ASS!

I get two search criterion to define, which can scan in the basic headers (subject, from, to, cc) or 'complete message', and can look for any of the basic pattern matching (does/doesn't contain/equal) or, and here's the kicker, does/doesn't match RegEx.

wow.. I've seen various MUAs that offer RegEx (okay, 'bout two or three), but their other qualities just didn't work for me.. this is the first time I can remember *using* one that offers it. :)

shit, the filters contain that option as well (and, actually, *tons* more usefull crap). Why the hell hadn't I noticed this before?!?

/me goes off to re-write his email filters.
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