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(yeah, I'm using a slightly different category, no I'm not going to update the older entries).

So, like, presumably we get today off. All that means for me is that I got to sleep in. I still came in and did some work. I doubt I'll work much longer, though, so I guess it's not a full 8 hour day for me. But having the day *off*? ha, yeah, right. :) there's just *too much* to do to take a day off.

shit, I'll probably put in a few hours tomorrow also.

on the plus side, most of today has been spent re-arranging my office space (that reminds me, I need to get that movie). I moved out the one big table in favor of two shorter ones. Total table space hasn't changed one bit, and I now have an annoying spot in the middle where their legs are so I can't just scoot computer cases around below there willy-nilly, but the advantage these have over the big table is that their tops are sans skirts! The big table had this annoying metal skirt along the edge that kept me from using some monitor arms (the positionable dealies that let you have your monitor positioned all over the place). These tables are the perfect thickness tops for the arms, so I now have two of them bolted to the table top. One for my monitor (go fig) and one for the chess board. Hence the boaard is no longer taking up table space, and I have a net gain in horizontal storage space! Plus, I took advantage of the opportunity to straighten out the mess of cables I have here, and it's all a little neater now . . . I swear it is. :)
I'm considering grabbing another monitor arm for the iMac, it needs a home and that arm would work perfect for it. Oh, crap, I should probably plug my phone back in also! hehe.. fuck, it's cable isn't *quite* long enough. I'll have to argue with that for a bit before I head out (not wanting the first thing I do when I come back in to be fighting with a phone cord, doing it now would be best).

oh, yeah, and I'm putting about 9 more piccies on DevArt, for those that care.
edit: crap, the piccies are not in the right format. screwit, I'll do it later tonight.

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