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lessons once learned... // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 10.Jun.2004

21:47 - lessons once learned... // life

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So, yeah, I *know* fast food is bad for me.. but sometimes, ya know??

Like tonight. After training, I was so wiped out. It was a good workout tonight, I was drenched in sweat and hungry like nuttin else since all I had to eat today was a bowl of cereal at 6 (yes, I slept in again) and then a sandwich at 13, and training got out at 21, so I was suitably hungry. Further the alure by putting me walking down Folsom near 59th st on the way to the light rail, so I get to walk by all sorts of 'food' establishments on the way home.

So I caved.

I just couldn't help it. and it tasted *SOOOOOOO* good... nice and juicy, tasty.. felt so damn good dripping down my chin..


Of course, right now I'm still hyped from the workout and my tummy is declaring this to be a bad time to fall asleep (having just eaten). but the food was so good, it was worth it.

oh, and for those of you who are curious, my fast food dinner for the evening was a small pack of mushrooms, an orange bell peper (nice and juicy, too!), a salad pack (spinach with baby greens, can't go wrong!) and a loaf of bread (cooked with whole cloves of garlic!). I just swooped in the store on the way to the light rail, swooped out (probably faster than most people can navigate a drive-through) and ate the goods as I walked to the Light rail and then on home. Mah tummy is allready complaining from the mixing of the walking/running (almost missed the train) and the eating, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


Date:22:07 10.Jun.2004 (UTC)
Haha! Got me. I thought you were going to describe some lard-soaked , deep fried monstrosity.
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Date:22:29 10.Jun.2004 (UTC)
heh.. yeah, I haven't had one of those in years.. not eating meat (well, except for fish) will kinda put a damper on the ammount of traditional fast-food you eat. :)

this was still damn fast, though. I'm becomming an expert at those self-checkout lanes the albertsons stores 'round here have, I swear, for small stops like this I'm in and out in under a minute -- two if I actually think about the choices.. :)
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Date:10:28 11.Jun.2004 (UTC)
hee hee, that was clever, i imagined a like, triple patty burger from Wendys or something but NO! you got me! sneaky sneaky....
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