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So, yeah, last night was my first night back at Uechi-Ryu after having been away for quite a number of years.. This morning is proving to be a part of the experiance I hadn't counted on.


but, it's a *good* kind of hurt (bullshit, it just plain hurts!).. hehe.. it's mostly in my shoulders and a bit in my back. I had forgotten how much effort it takes to keep your guard up that long. My feet are in pain also, perhaps I wasn't standing on them right (not used to the stance, so I have to re-learn how to distribute my weight properly). A bit of soreness in my legs, also, from being in the unfamiliar stance all night.. I was actually *so* tired last night when I went to bed, that I couldn't get to sleep for a good half-hour or more.. I was exhausted.. so tired I could barely move my arms.. yet I simply *couldn't* sleep.. It was the weirdest thing..

No, scratch that last bit.. training again after taking a break for many years was the weirdest thing. "Muscle memory" is very real, and I experianced it in the most freakish way last night. I almost never, through the entire night, had to think "put my hand there, tense that muscle, block to here, tense" -- none of that. I didn't even have to think at the level of "block, kick, grab, turn, block, punch, turn". It was more of, I'd move to start a certain movement, and my body would just *do* it. My thoughts would have to play catch-up with "oh, yeah, I guess that is what's next" (or, more accurately, "hey, your hand's not supposed to be that far out!") and by the time I was done with that thought, my body had flowed on into the next movement or two. At some points, while another student was walking me through some kata or another, I'd actually get a little bit ahead of him/her and I'd have to wait till I saw them do the next move ('cause my body doesn't remember it perfectly) and then once I started up again it just flowed on for another couple movements. It was truly amazing, feeling my muscles move in ways they haven't moved in years, watching my body execute (not perfectly, but reasonably accurately) procedures I hadn't thought about (and couldn't conciously remember) for years. And the mental sensations that went along with it were so unique.. Like I could almost *feel* those parts of my brain firing off for the first time since I stopped practicing. It was also frustrating, though, because I could see flaws in my form while my body was running through the movements. I could see where I wasn't planted properly, where my blocks weren't covering the proper area, where my punches were off-target, extra steps were being included, I had the wrong foot forward, etc,etc,etc.... TONS of errors.. I dare say, I noticed an imperial assload of errors in my form.

It was good to go back. It is good to be back. I look forward to next week, and the following, and hopefully I will not have to go absent again untill (if) I move.

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