Lograh (lograh) wrote,

oh holy fuck I'm tired // life

not just the "eh, I could go for some sleep right about now" kind of tired, either. This is the feel-it-deep-in-your-bones kind of tired that only comes from many days of building up.

So, this past week was rather busy, but not too bad. This weekend, however, is something else entirely. I've been running non-stop engagements since friday afternoon. No shit. I went straight from work on friday to go hang with the lovely wickedserpent. Came home late and woke up early to go help tobin and gregory_geiger move (sora3 was there also). Then when my time was up with them I went and observed a LARP all-night last night. Then Tobin woke me up this morning and I quickly ate and bathed and went to go help them finish the moving, which we just got done with 'bout half an hour ago.

Mind you, I'm not complaining, just amazed at how freakin' BUSY my weekend has been. I almost never schedule that much into my life. I like having lots and lots of time where I can just Sit. It's a good thing tomorrow is a holiday, 'cause it's gonna be a day of frelling REST for me. :) heheh. My left shin is doing it's pain thing again, probably from the overstressing it (it does this every now and then). The rest tomorrow should help. Maybe I'll just try and get GIMP running on der 'Book again so I can play with pictures some.

who knows..

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