Lograh (lograh) wrote,

curses, foiled again! // life

so, this morning I find out it's got a touch of the rain in the sky, and I get to thinking how nice it'd be to wear my trench again. I get out the door and discover that it's still spring and is way to frelling hot for der mantel. Bummer.. it's still cool enough for me hat though, which is nice (I like wearing it).

other news.. er.. hrmm.. other news.. damn, I've got no life.. :) hrmm.. got some plans for the weekend.. seeming like it could in fact be very enjoyable indeed.. we'll see..

gotted another shipment of computers today. whee.. And here I was hoping to get the next version of the standard load finished by the time they arrived.. Damn. I knew I should've spent more time yelling at windows this past week. :) Ah well, no time like the present! I guess I'll just build the new load on the new machines..

Found a little keyring on the ground today.. It's the perfect size to wear on my pinky.. I had forgotten how much I love wearing rings.. Perhaps I'll look into the possibility of getting one again over the next few months. Nothing extravagant (not my style), but I would like to have a ring once again. I had been wearing one for so long, it felt weird having to do without, and now that I've got something on a finger again, it's reminding me. I don't know why I like rings, but I just do. Rings and some necklaces.. and the occasional bracelet, but I'm not as keen on those.

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