Lograh (lograh) wrote,

busybusybusy // update

wow.. where yesterday I got so very little finished (did a lot, nothing actually *finished*, though), today I've been showing some serious productivity.

Audited 10 machines
Updated one of those.
cleaned ad software from a user's machine
learned the basics of perl and wrote/debugged a production-level script (as-in, something more complex than "hello world")
yelled at windows
basked in the joy of not running it on my main system.
got a replacement laptop to one user

and now, I've an hour left.. plenty of time for some more yelling at windows, setup a mac, start debugging another laptop, and start the return procedure for a third laptop. Perhaps I'll squeeze in a little self-extracting zipfile fun as well (the process I've settled on for getting the auditing software out to the users: self-extracting zipfile that will auto-launch a batfile which will run the audit program and then a mailer to send the output file to me through email -- zero user interaction beyond the initial "run this attachment").

damn I'm being posty today.. sorry about that..

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