Lograh (lograh) wrote,

WOOHOO!!!!! // life

so, I check my grades one more time before heading out and I see that my Analysis prof got them submitted today also! B+ baybeee!!! WOOT!!!!

Onward and upward. Next semester I hit Real Analysis (these past two semesters were Complex Analysis -- I've been told Real will be a cakewalk if I can survive Complex) and I dunnowhatelse. The only other offering is Topology, of which I've allready had the first semester and so it wouldn't help me to do it again. Time to go study Ring theory and perhaps get that indepentant study next semester like I mentioned last post.

I'm so happy I passed!! Those two classes (well, okay, just the Analysis one, I only did so poorly in Algebra 'cause I totally flaked on the studying) were killer!

In other news, turns out that I get paid Friday.. I'm not entirely sure why, as Monday is the last of the month, but I think it has something to do with Memorial Day on Monday. We might actually get it off (we normally don't get the usuall vacations off). This means I will have money for the weekend! YAY!!!

Good News abounds today, it would seem.
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