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W00+!!!!!! / life

well, my Algebra teacher decided to have pity on my poor beleagured mind and has given me a (barely) passing grade of B. It's not the best I could have done, I should have gotten an A.. But at least it is passing and I now just have to get my ring theory solid in time for the comps. I'm thinking I'll do some reading on my own this summer in that area and perhaps take an independant study in ring theory in the fall or something.. One of the new faculty members did her thesis in Ring Theory, so she'd probably be a good one to approach about that.
Of course, I shouldn't let groups or fields slide, either, but I'm more comfortable with them anyway and they'll be easy enough to keep up to snuff on the side (that, and rings are groups, anyway so that much I'll be using throughout).

My Analysis prof hasn't submitted grades yet, so I still have to wait on that news. Shouldn't be too bad, though. I was showing real progress near the end there, and I feel I did well on the final, so it should be at least passing (though in honesty I'm hoping for a B+; an A- might be a little beyond my reach, though, with my first test being as piss-poor as it was).

She's only got a few more days to get them done, so it can't be that much longer of a wait.

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