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so, in my continuing attempt to post my bookmarks here (just something I want to do). I've decided that since LJ won't allow the whole file in one post, I'll do it in sections (easier to tolerate editing one little section instead of the whole damn file, also). So, that said, here are the webcomics I visit each day. Flash comics are not in this list, neither are the print-comics that happen to be online also. These are strictly webcomics.

-- all links should open in a new browser window --
Penny Arcade! P-A took a while for me to warm up to. I tried reading it a few times, and didn't really like it. Now I read daily.
Nuklear Power - Home of 8-bit Theatre 8-bit Theatre kicks ass. FF sprites bitching and arguing just like we all did when we RPed.
MegaTokyo - relax, we understand j00 Megatokyo has probably the best storyline of all the webcomics I read. Sometimes bust-a-gut funny, sometimes thoughtfull, allways a pleasure to read.
User Friendly the Comic Strip - The Daily Static Userfriendly has lost a lot of what made it great, but it still manages a chuckle reasonably often.
Little Gamers - teh fluff ! Little Gamers is a nice bit of geekery in the mornings.
InkTank.com - Angst Technology Daily Web Comic Damn funny comic about life in the computer world.
Sinfest With a name like Sinfest, what more needs be said?
Ctrl+Alt+Del - Tragically l337 CAD is a brilliant piece of comic bliss.
basketcase comix A political editorial cartoon.
Coffee Brain ~ Online Comic Coffee Brain hasn't been updated in some time now, I keep it on the list in the hopes that the new artist will start up soon.
DrunkDuck.com! "No 4th Wall to Break" has proven nicely random and bizzare in the past. It maintains this tradition nicely.
Welcome to Sexy Losers The front page is work-safe, the comic may not be. Depends on your work's stance regarding drawn naked humans. Definately worth reading, though.
Psycindom - it's all in your head. A Daily comic strip about Emotions and other weird stuff The title says it all. An ongoing storyline about the emotions and thoughts running around in our head.
::In Other News:: another one-panel editorial cartoon. More current events than politics.
(:= X Chopping Block X =:) A comic about a serial killer. Sometimes repetitive, but still funny.
AppleGeeks - New Comic Every Monday AppleGeeks has some of the best artistic talent, and is damn funny.
the Creatures in my Head. / Daily illustrations by Andrew Bell Some excellent drawings of just random odd creatures. One of these days I'm going to print some of these out on iron-on patches and put one on each piece of clothing I have.
Shaw Island! W00T!! An ongoing storyline about angsty artists on an island with sentient hamsters.
Men In Hats - Online Comic Their first book is out, and I'm getting one as soon as my next paycheck arrives. There's enough biting sarcasm and contempt here to eat its way through 6' of solid steel. I love it.
Lore Brand Comics simple, pure, adult humor.
Questionable Content: New comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday His drawing is progressing nicely, and he usually makes me laugh.
Evilkid Productions "Kitty and robot" is an odd comic about a kitty and a robot who hate everything, including eachother.
Tux and Bunny : Nonsensical Wanderings of a Tired Mind A comic in the style of "take a picture of stuffed animals and put cartoon word bubbles on them".
{ Instant Classic } Instant Classic. Another one where you have to read the storyline from the start to truly appreciate it. His drawing is good, the humor takes a few installments to truly sink in, the storyline is rich and is why I keep reading. He just started a new storyline about 3 installments ago, so you don't have to read back far.
Death To The Extremist Minimalistic art, funny jokes.
You Damn Kid! A Comic Strip By Owen Dunne Remember those good-old-days? This one takes a somewhat different perspective on them.
This is Jeremy, Just Turned Nine ... Oh yes, a comic about monsters in everyday life. gotta love it.
Phancy-Pants.com - Do You Wear Phancy Pants? Rarely updated, yet pretty funny when it is.
s*p - give me coffee and t.v. SP is terrific. A more refined sarcasm than found in MiH.
InkTank.com - Weak-end Warriors (updated Tue) I don't play paintball, but if I did I can imagine it'd be something like this.
InkTank.com - Sorry, We're Open (updated Thu) For anyone who's spent any reasonable ammount of time around comic/game stores.
Queen of Wands Good art and a touching storyline. I get much enjoyment from this.
qwantz.com - daily dinosaur comics - March 29th 2004 A comic based on the idea of "let's use the *EXACT* same pictures for *every* strip, changing only the text!". Sometimes bizzare, sometimes funny. I'm curious how long it can go before it gets old.
HappyPure - Fucked up JUST the way you like it! well, it started out good but the author seems to be running out of ideas. we'll see if it picks back up.
Two Lumps Fresh comic, just started! Well, okay, started about 3 weeks ago.. still, the topic has lots of room for golden comedy, and the artist has a great way of drawing the subjects. besides, cats are just plain funny.

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