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So, yeah, Saturday I finished off the cereal.. I went to the store on Sunday (as part of a "I wanna rent a movie" binge) and got some stuff, went home and realized I had forgotten the cereal.. D'oh! So, fine, I go without brekkie Monday, and when I get home Monday I went back to the store (as part of the return-the-movie trip) and finally managed to remember the cereal (along with some other things for making stuffed bell peppers for dinner -- YUM!). This morning I slept in too late and had to skip brekkie.. Double d'oh!! At least I have an extra pepper uneaten from last night (and I actually remembered to pack it this morning).. Not sure how well it will have kept, but I did foil it up and 'fridge it, so it shouldn't be too bad.

In other news, I stayed up too late, didn't sleep well, and the usuall litany of complaints all apply. I won't bore you with the details, you've heard them all before.

In other, other news: being poor sucks. I shoulda held off on the BevMo trip, what was I thinking doing that in the middle of the month? Curse you, BevMo, for making it far too easy for me to spend far too much money!! :) Sure, the liquor cabinet is in fine shape now (we've even annexed a third cupboard for it now!), but that doesn't do me any good when trying to get lunch, now does it? heh.. there are so many things I'd like to do right now that are having to wait till next week, after I get paid. :(

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