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ah yes, another day at work // catchup

So, yeah.. had a nice 5 days off from work (last friday through yesterday), spent the entire vacation studying, testing, getting sick, and seeing Slipknot in concert. Not too bad overall.

My algebra final was a bit painful. He asked one question that I was nowhere near prepared for, two that I had trouble with (one due to a *stupid* mistake I realized right after I left), one that I should have known but didn't (still kicking myself for that), and two that I think I nailed. damnit. I should have done much better on that, but I simply wasn't properly prepared.. Hopefully he'll have enough pity on me to pass me -- hey, I did damn good on one of the two tests we had through the semester, that counts for something, right? ah well. If not, I'll just take it again next time around. Rings are my weakness. The 3 questions I had real trouble with on that test were ring theory questions.. grr..
Analysis wasn't so bad, I think. It was agreed by all to have been a very fair test, even though no-one had an easy time of it. We all walked away hanging our heads in shame, knowing that not only were the questions very reasonable, but there was a reasonable number of them (first time she's ever done *that* -- usually she puts about 5 or 6 questions than there is time for). We have only ourselves to blame for sucking on that one. I don't think I did too bad on it overall, but we shall see.. Some of those proofs were just so bloody easy that I was worried I mis-read the question.. So it's firmly in the category of "either I did excellent or flunked!" :)

you don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your friends. hehe..

After the final yesterday we had a little party/gathering at the home of one of our classmates. He's got a nice place tucked away in a little 'alley' (paved and with a name, but only one car wide) just on the outskirts of the 'fab 40's' (for those not local, that's a part of town where the houses are grand, old, and *pricey* ($1M is not unheard of in that area, median price for a home here is closer to $225K) -- quite the pleasing location). It's a really nice place he's renting, lovely floors, tastefully decorated (I think we can safely thank his girlfriend for that aspect), and just very well put together. Every room is at a different level, so you have to step up/down no matter where you go, which is kinda odd but helps to add a touch of "character" to the place (and makes it rather amusing to watch the overly drunk try to navigate to the potty). He has a nice little back yard/patio where we all sat and had drinks and talked and laughed. It was a great way to release the stress from the finals week and just let go knowing that there's nothing you can do about it now so you may as well have fun.
Our Analysis teacher actually came over as well. That was nice to see her chilling with the rest of the crowd. She's a real nice person, a wonderful teacher and, unlike some of the other grad students, she didn't talk math at all while I was there. They got in a great discussion on politics, talking about the various candidates for president (this year is election year for us -- not that it matters, but that's another rant) and also went on discussing travel and interests, and all sorts of non-math topics. It was great that she could do that -- some profs (and some students) just don't seem to have any sort of a life outside their studies. You want to just shake them and scream "what *else* is there to you?!?!" But alas, for some of them there truly is nothing else. I hope I never get to that point. To have only one interest, to have only one way with which to spend your time. It just seems to me that a lifestyle like that would be woefully lacking in experiances.

Speaking of experiances, getting sick while on vacation is teh l4m3. I couldn't even enjoy Wednesday because I spent all of it coughing up half a lung and constantly wiping my runny nose. Well, and studying, but that's not soo bad. I mean, I'm in these classes, persuing this degree, becasue I actually do enjoy the topic. It's a lot more enjoyable when you're not sick, though. :)

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