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yet I'm the crazy one? // life

so, today after studying for a while at school, I figured I'd wander downtown to a coffee shop to study some more. I stopped by a subway sandwich place on the way, figuring dinner would be a good idea, and picked up something to eat.
So, there I sat at the light rail station, waiting for the train headed downtown, calmly eating my dinner and listening to the Reveal album (by REM), and watching the clouds in the sky. I glance at the highway and notice that the cars are moving at a snail's pace and someone blares his/her horn for a good ten seconds for some reason, I'm assuming it had to do with the lack of progress being made. And I go back to watching fluffy clouds and listening to good tunez.
I just love the faces people make when they find out I don't have a car. They look at me like there's something wrong with me. I think that, should I eventually decide to get a car (yes, I'm actually pondering it as a posibility), I'd still not drive to work. Besides the fact that parking at my current job is a total bitch, I just don't see why I should deal with the whole commute traffic thing if I can just take public transit or, better yet, ride my bike down the river trail.

My last final is tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of me on LJ since last friday, but I've been avoiding computers in favor of studying (sometimes I actually even study!) due to this being finals week. I'll be back to my usuall work life on Friday, though, so you can expect me to start poluting enhancing your LJ experiance as normal after that point (yes, this is a threat promise).
In all honesty, I should be studying right now. But I spent about 9 hours studying allready today, and there's only so long that I can focus on one topic. I'll get in another 3 before the final tomorrow, and beyond that I'll just have to hope that it can all come together.

So yeah, this is just a quick little update. Letting people know I'm not dead yet. I feel happy. I think I'll go for a walk. . . .
sorry, got carried away there (if you don't get the referance, you need help). So, like I was saying, this whole not-waking-up-early thing is kinda nice. I've been sleeping in till 8 or 9 in the mornings. I've been taking nice slow showers and leisurely (though it isn't helping my spelling) getting ready for my day. I've been taking naps on the grass under the sun listening to tunez on der 'Pod. I've been avidly avoiding computers. My life this past week has been pretty damn keen. Now if only I didn't have to stress over these pesky finals, this would be a nice vacation.
Though, it is causing some people a minor bit of confusion. They see me on campus and say "aren't you on vacation? Why are you here?" heh.. some have said it's kinda lame taking vacation time only to sit around and take finals. I don't think so, though. I actually enjoy being a student. The whole experiance is enjoyable, even the stressing about finals part. I don't think I'll ever stop taking Uni classes. While I'm not entirely cut out for life in the Ivory Tower (I do try to keep some handle on the world I live in (removed though that may be from the world everyone else lives in, hehe.. )), I definately like spending a lot of time there. :)

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