Lograh (lograh) wrote,

ugh // today

so, yeah, I'm tired! again, had to do without a "proper" breakfast, but rather than reward myself for that I though it'd be more encouraging if I simply had a bagel. cheaper, too.

In good news, I've been approved for 5 days off starting tomorrow, in the hopes that I might be able to spend most of those days studying for finals. Nevermind that I have plans for friday evening (SLIPKNOT!!!) and all of sunday, but that still leaves friday day and saturday (studying on saturday? say it isn't so!) and monday day to prepare for algebra.. Luckilly, it's not the one that scares me too much. Though my ring theory isn't the best, I'm thinking I can get it up to snuff in time.

it would seem that some of the math students lead very dull lives, as my appreciation for one of them has become a topic of discussion in my abscence (as was revealed to me last night). So, while she claims it doesn't bug her, there was some obvious discomfort in her words so I suppose I'll have to be better behaved. darn.
which brings me to something I've never quite understood. Why is it that some people are made uncomfortable by having someone appreciate them? I mean, sure, if I was staring intently at her drooling and making noises I could understand the problem. But just casually glancing in her direction on occasion and otherwise not doing anything shouldn't, in my mind, be any cause for concern or thought. I don't treat her differently than any other math student, I don't follow her around, nothing. Yet it makes her uncomfortable to know that she is appreciated.

What, is my skin falling off? do I have the black plague?

Ah well.. some things I will never understand (and before you say "you'd feel the same" -- it has hapened to me, and no I was not uncomfortable but instead found it quite flattering and nice).

Kinda makes me curious, though, as to what other rumours are floating around about me. If they are bored enough to circulate this one, I'm curious what their capable imaginations have thought up about my life beyond what they see. :) The only question, is who to ask (well, and how)? I can't ask this lady, as it took her about 3 beers before she had the courage to mention it to me. Perhaps Jason would be willing to fill me in? He and I go back a few years, not closely but we have some common history that might persuade him to inform me. And he's definately part of the "in" crowd, so he'd know if there were any stories to be had.

I actually enjoy being the subject of silly little rumours.. It's been like this all my life, so I've come to have an appreciation for when a real imaginative one floats by my ears.. Sure, there are allways the standard types to be expected -- and they don't bug me other than knowing that the person starting it was that unimaginative. But for some reason I don't think that'll be the case with this crowd. They are some sharp, inquisitive, and colourful peeps. If there are any little bits out there I'm certain they should be nice ones to hear.

I could hope to someday be part of a group where any stories get circulated with the full knowledge of the subjects, but I know that's just a pipe-dream.

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