Lograh (lograh) wrote,

so, yeah.. // update

time to head home..

ah, but I didn't stay late for work.. oh no.. After class, the math club had a "pizza" party.. the qoutes being there for reasons slightly realtied to the ECTREME ammounts of alcoholdd there.. Yes, I'm saying a resoungsding "fuckit" to most of my typese (yes, I actuatlly am correcting some of them).. WHEEEE!!!

So, yeah.. I'm nivcely sloched.. er.. sloshcee.d shit.. sloshed.. and I'm heading home.. this is 3eassilly *not* a night* I'll be riding the whole way home.. I'm thinkgin I may just walk to the light rail and stumble home from there.. :)

had pizza.. drank beer.. drank beer.. drank beer.. playted som eppoll .. shit.. palayy... grrr... played pool with some fellow inebriat(why did I ever start trying to spell this word)ated math majors.. had a blast.. Jennifer and I have decided in our drunken state that we simply must play pool more often.. partly because she likes having someone to kick around the table (she's easilly tons better than me) and I like having someone to play pool with.. it's been a while since I've had a partner to just shoot the balls around and talk some shit.. we played 3 games (one of them with partners) and I had a wonderful time.. I look forward to other games.

and now, I decide if I ride home or walk.. hehe.. :)

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