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what's wrong with american society // linkage and quick ranting

this article is a pretty interesting read about some scientists doing research into fat and how it kills the human body. They are discovering some rather thoughfull facts about the interreaction between fat cells and the rest of the body.

The problem isn't that they are doing this research, I'm all for research in any case. The problem is in this line:

The answers will help explain -- and perhaps offer solutions to -- the real tragedy of the obesity epidemic, its disastrous effect on health.

WTF? I've got a solution for ya, bucky, DON'T LET YOURSELF GET SEVERLY OVERWEIGHT! Really, it's *that* farking simple. We don't need another pill your doctor can prescribe that will neutralize the toxins excreted by the 150# of fat cells you're carrying around, while you go on your way merrilly chomping down on every greaseburger you can find. What we need is a bit of personal responsibility and for you to get off your fat lazy ass and fix the problem yourself. Eat better, live a better lifestyle, and thus you will be better.

But no, that's not the american way. Our great society thinks that every problem we bring on ourselves should be solved by someone else with a magic pill. No one wants to fix their problems on their own, they want someone else to find a solution that requires them to do little or no effort and allows them to continue the disasterous behavior that created the problem in the first place.

gah.. I guess now that I'm in such a *wonderful* mood, I may as well make that call and start bitching at Gateway (we're having issues with one of their laptops).

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