Lograh (lograh) wrote,

In other (related?) news

I feel like I'm drunk.

I know I'm not, as I haven't had a drop of alcohol for over 9 days (didn't want to interfer with the pills), yet it sure feels like I am.

I can't concentrate to save my life, my finer motor skills have dropped to about half their normal levels (as evidenced by the OBSCENE number of times I'm having to hit the "backspace" key), and I'm having to take stairs at a rather slow rate because I've almost fallen off them twice on the way to work today (getting on/off light-rail). That and the nice dizziness/disoreintation is making today very trying indeed.

The downside, though, is that while I do have all those symptoms of being drunk, I'm still sober and as such am not enjoying it one bit. When I'm drunk/tipsy I have a "happy" feeling along with all that and it makes the whole experiance quite nice. I don't have that "happy" feeling right now and so am finding this quite annoying.


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