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So, yeah.. Out of cereal this morning means I get a yummy crepe for brekkie! Kinda not the correct psychological way to handle this.. I mean, when I cause an undesireable situation I really shouldn't reward myself with orangina and a mushroom/cheese/omlette crepe.. :) This doesn't exactly help motivate me to stop by the store on the way home and get more cereal.

You've probably noticed a lack of trash in my journal.. I'm still picking it up (recent finds: beer can, fast-food soda cup, straw wrapper, and some others), but I keep forgetting to post it here. I swear I'll start listing them again.. when I remember..

Finals are next week! I need to remember to ask for Friday thru Thursday off for studying purposes.. Or at least half-days so I have more time to study after work.. I also should probably remember at some point to inquire about the fee-waiver program. Now that I've applied to be a student again, I'll be able to get the fee waiver (assuming they accept me as a student). It kinda sucks the ammount of paperwork you have to go through just to take classes if you work here. I mean, this system could be so much more streamlined and save so much money if they just gave it the slightest bit of thought and laid it out *right*. As it is, I have to be accepted to the university as a student, then I have to apply to the fee-waiver program, then the classes I want have to be approved by the "powers that be", then I have to get into the classes (lowest priority), then I have to hand the fee-waiver paperwork over to the admissions people. Gah! It's insane! It'd be so much easier if everyone on the uni's payroll was just instantly marked as students here, regardless if they actually took classes or not, and they simply showed their ID card to the admissions people at the time of payment and they zeroed out the balance. End of story. They could do away with the Fee-Waiver department entirely, just think about the time and money that'd save!

Gah.. been thinking about the comps recently. The master's program here has two parts: the coursework and the comps. the coursework is painfull enough, they don't go easy on us and they have no qualms in failing people. The comps are two tests that you have to take. One on Algebra and one on Real Analysis. Any topic covered in class over the entire year is fair game, and they expect you to be able to give full detailed answers to the questions. Because of time constraints, you don't have to answer all the questions, but you at least have to get most of them done. people have spent entire years studying for these tests (as in, only doing one class, and spending all their other time in research) and still failed. being moved to tears by the end is normal. having to retake at least one (perhaps both) of them (you are allowed two tries) is not at all uncommon, and in some cases is expected.
where this hits me, is that it's a possibility I may qualify to take them next year. I'm not entirely certain if I'll be ready or not by that point, though. I'm working full time (or more), and can barely find enough time for my coursework as-is. Next year I'll be taking the Real Analysis class, and while I've been told that taking the comps while you are just finishing up the class is best because that way it's fresher in your head, I know that analysis is my worst topic and I'm not sure it'll be solid enough at that point to do a comp on it. So yeah, I've been thinking about them, trying to decide if perhaps it'd be a good idea to take them next year while Real Analysis is fresh in my head, or wait till the following year when I've had time to do more studying and perhaps only take one course instead of two for that year to give me more time for preping.
He went over the Algebra comp yesterday in class, and while the questions looked straightforward enough on the surface, While he was going over the 'ideal' answers I saw just how deep they wanted you to go in responce to them. One question took about 45 minutes of class time with him up on the board saying 'and this means...', 'and then we know that...', and 'thus, combined with that, we get...'. Gah! I mean, yes I knew all that also. I was nodding my head and following along easilly, since it's all there and is stuff we know, but just the ammount of stuff being tossed up becasue of this question, and to think that they are looking for that in a timed test envronment! Sure, it's a 3 hour test, but he only got through 2 questions (not even fully finishing them) in an hour and fifteen, and you need (I think) something like 4 or 5 questions to pass.

Lessee.. in other news.. woke up to a bad dream yesterday.. man, that's a sucky way to start your week. Waking up feeling all sorts of crap on a monday, and I kept feeling miserable all day long.. still a little bummed over that dream.. Sure, good tunez help to aleviate the feeling (though it does nothing for my spelling), but not all the way.

I'm noticing a disctinct lack of good sleep in my life recently. I wake up feeling tired, and I sometimes get up in the middle of the night for no discernable reason.. that sucks.

hrmmm... that's a good ammount for now.. perhaps I'll post more of a weekend-recap later today, but I doubt it. :)

He was a boy of soft demeanor And he loved his carburetor cleaner The vapor made a sweet aroma He sniffed himself into a coma.

ahh.. good tunez...

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