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heheh... // random note - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 07.May.2004

10:02 - heheh... // random note

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One reason I like webcomics so much, and read so many of them (well, okay, not *that* many, only about 38 or so) is because of the interplay between them. Take the current sequence going on over at SP, and how QoW is playing along... it's great!

for those who don't follow them, SP = Something Positive and QoW = Queen of Wands.


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Date:10:51 07.May.2004 (UTC)
It's about damned TIME QoW updated! Sheesh! Heehee.
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Date:10:59 07.May.2004 (UTC)
Just began reading QoW. Another fun day of webcomic catchup! :)
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