Lograh (lograh) wrote,

what to say? // quickie update

the amber beer is burbling once every 5 minutes.. I ordered a chocolate-hazelnut porter that I'll likely brew this weekend after I bottle the amber. The Stout is still producing a bubble every 10 seconds, so it has a few more days beyond the amber.. damn that beer is fermenting a lot!

I still hate microsoft.

the girls on campus are looking mighty fine these days. saw a couple dresses wandering around today, that was odd. Usually it's just some sufficiently trendy top and skirt, but today I saw three full-on dresses. Very nice, tastefully worn dresses.. It's nice to see someone dressing slightly off from the norm every now and then. 'course, it doesn't hurt that the ladies wearing them were very attractive as well. :)

there was something else I wanted to put here.. I can't recall what, though.

I'm tired. feh.

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