Lograh (lograh) wrote,

9 times out of 10

I guess I'm just special that way.

So, you might remember about 9 days ago I posted about a lump in my throat and how I got some monsters of pills to see if it will respond to them.

I know the pills are working, because the expected effect of killing off the bacteria in my digestive tract did happen, as confirmed by the expected symptoms occuring.

The lump, however, has not responded favorably. It's still there, and hurts every so often (more often than not, and sometimes more than others). So now I get to call the hospital and leave a message for the doctor so he can get the Ear-Nose-Throat gang to set me up with an appointment for them to stick a needle in me and suck out some of whatever is inside that thing and figure out what it is.


9 times out of 10 the lump would have gone down, as it was likely to be just a reaction to some bacteria in my mouth and a signal that it's time for me to finally go see a dentist. When it doesn't react it means that I just spent the last week and a half taking these pills twice a day for nothing, and the lump is something else. They can't say what it is, but the list of possible causes has narrowed drasticly -- and not for the better.

On the plus side, this was enough incentive to get me off my ass and make an appointment with a dentist for the first time in YEARS (I can't even guess how long, 4 or 5, perhaps more). I'm oh-so looking forward to that experiance.

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