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the home stretch // life finances - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 05.May.2004

8:28 - the home stretch // life finances

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after this payment clears (hopefully tomorrow), I'll have just over 3900 in total debt. After having had this lingering for just about 4 years now, sometimes lower sometimes (much) higher, it's nice to see the end in sight. I'm certain that I'll gain more debt as life goes on (buy a house, etc..) but I know I'll try to resist getting drowned in it right away once I'm free of these shackles.

Almost there.. I wonder if I'll be able to push it to zero by november.. that'd be nice.. hrmm.. 6 months.. what is that, 600 or 700 a month? hrmmmm.. possible.. not easy, but should be possible..

we'll see..

Having debt sucks.