Lograh (lograh) wrote,

how pleasant // random update-esque note

so, during analysis today I dropped my head to think/study the paper and when I inhaled I was pleasantly greeted with a whiff of vanilla and pomegranette (however it's spelt). I do so like wearing scented oils. I haven't done it often, but now that I've started wearing my necklace almost daily, it's an easy matter for me to just dab a bit of oil on my arms (as that's where I like it, the inside of my forearms and wrists) since I keep the necklace and oils in the same part of my room. so yeah, during class today it was just nice and calming to have a slight hint of happy-shmelly in the air while I was going over the proof we were examining.

And now, homeward bound. der 'Pod is geting a little low in battery, but it should last the ride (which only takes a short while anywho).

Hrmm.. dinner... there's a thought.. prolly pasghetti again. had it last night, but it *is* yummy.

'nite all, don't let the bed bugs bite (I hear they're evil viscious little buggers -- make sure you take a bat with you for to fend them off!).

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