Lograh (lograh) wrote,

millions of computers infected // daily update

well, the new worm has come sweeping through the campus.. 5 computers in my college were hit by it. Not bad for having a few hundred. Even better considering the only ones that were likely candidates were the XP machines, which are all under my care (my co-worker is still resisting learning how to fully support XP).

Wheeeee for busy mornings taking care of unpatched machines!! I even started taking care of one of the machines for the college of Education because their two guys were so swamped by the number of machines they had go down. One of them eventually showed up before I was finished with it, and gave me a somewhat disapproving look when I told him I had removed the administrator password (hey, I don't know what they use!), but he let it go when I said I tried calling him and his cohort and neither were in their office (duh! they're running around patching systems!). He did seem a little suprised, though, that I even *did* that.. I know he's a smart guy, he should know about the existance of these tools. Maybe he didn't think I'd actually use them? I dunno.. if he has a problem with it, he can allways give me a call.

I went digging through some old backup CDs the other day, and stumbled upon my old text archive! some really bad poetry from my teen years, some much better poetry from other people I knew back then, a couple humour files, and my quotes archive. I may take to reposting some of them here to share (the quotes, not the poetry (I'm not that mean))..

Never did find my pictures archive from the first year of my camera.. I'm hoping it's on CD somewhere 'round here. there are about 100 other random discs strewn about my shelves here, so I'll just collect them all and slowly sort through them.

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